Acrylic Painting
I really enjoyed doing this project. when i first started this project I didn't know where i was going with it until I thought of the tape idea. First i painted the entire board pink. Next i took masking tape and taped out shapes that i wanted the board to have. Then i painted each shape whatever colors I wanted. Lastly I found life quotes on the internet and wrote them inbetween the shapes and put regular pictures on top to make a collage.

Scribble/Sharpie Drawing
This project i think turned out really neat. We were told to pick a controoled scribble and this is the one I chose. Everything that I shaded in, consist of little tiny dots. the areas that were darker have more dots and they are closer together. The areas that are lighter or almost white were very light areas. I enjoyed this project but if i ever do it again i will be picking a not so time consuming controlled scribble.


Pen Drawing2011

In my opinon i didn't really care for this project as much as all the other ones we did this semester. We didn't have rules to follow just were suppose to use some kind of scribble with the pen and use the entire pen on your drawing. I think it turned out alright it could have turned out better. I just personally don't like drawing with a pen I'd rather have used a pencil or paints.

Sketch Book
This is one of my sketches I did and i think it turned out pretty well. I found this fairy baby off of google and i thought it was really cute. So i drew that first and then i came up with drawing the background, intended to look like a rail and hard wood floor for dancing.


Sketch Book
This is another sketch that i drew in my sketch book. This picture is another picture that i found on google that i thought was interesting. I tried to use more shading then drawing in his details to make it look more real. I really like how this turned out and looks better than i expected.