Scrible DrawingFall 2010This project was by far my favorite art project we did. Even thought it took me like three weeks to do i enjoyed it. All i did was sketch it out with one inch squares. Then i used controlled scribles and push on the pen harder in the darker areas.

Watercolors and NewpaperFall 2010In my opinion, i really did not like doing this project. I didn't because i don't like working with watercolors. Watercolors is not one of my things i just don't like it. This project consisted of watercolors and newpaper articles on dieting because people are obsessed with dieting and its not good for you and i wanted to show them that.
Hall Way DrawingWinter 2010This drawing is all about picking a vanishing point and going from there. I liked doing this project because it looks like you can actually walk right into the picture. Flat pictures get boring to me after a while. This project was new to me and i will probably do another similar like it.

Pencil DrawingWinter 2010This drawing was all about picking a focal point. My focal point is the pin up girl if you didn't already see that when you first looked at it. I used just a regular pencil and light and dark shading for this. This was by far one that i struggled on because of all the shading and details i had to put into this.

WatercolorsWinter 2010This was all water colors that i used. We looked at a picture and drew what we seen. We got the paper wet first and then used water colors. Then we didn't use water on some parts of this piece.

Altered BookFall 2010This is our altered books that we used to test out our big projects before we actually do them. This one we used water colors first. Then after we took salt and sprinkled it over the pages to give it a different texture.

WatercolorsFall 2010This is another one of our little activies we did in class. we were suppose to show a horizon line. Plus we were to blend colors together like warm and cool colors which is shown in this picture. I didn't like this project because i don't like working with watercolors but thats just how i feel about it many people my diagree with me.

2/3d PerspectiveWinter 2011This drawing was just like the hallway drawing that i did but it was more 3d perspective instead of 2d. I really liked doing this project but it was very time consuming. I found this very difficult for me to do it took me forever to do this, but after it was done i was happy with the results. We also used colored pencils and blended different colors together that you can only see if your up close.