Metal PendantWinter 2010I made this with wire a metal square piece and a saw. I enjoyed making this because it was something different i've never done before. It was somewhat challanging at first but got simplier as you went. i put a lot of time into this project so i hope you like it.


Linked Neclacefall 2010this was my first jewelery project. i made this by using wire and beads and the tools Mrs. Johnson provided us. I had to take individual links and put them together in order to make this. Then we had to make a claspe to connect it at the end of the necklace.
marble NecklaceWinter 2010I made this as an extral project for my mom for christmas. I used wire ad a marble and some nilon string. This project took all about one class period to do its very complicated the first time but once you understand how to do it, it gets simpler. i liked this project and i will probably make many more.
1st part of FinalWinter 2011I made this project by using wire bead and a pendant. First, i put all the beads on to the wire. then attached the pedant. This is one of my favorite necklaces i've made in this class so far. I like this because it is something that i would actually wear out and to school.

Baby Metal PendantWinter 2010I really enjoyed doing this project. This project looked impossible to do when i first seen it. This necklace is very simple. Also, it would make a very good present for someone in your family for a birthday or christmas. I gave this to one of my cousins and she very much enjoyed it.

Coil BowlSpring 2011I really enjoyed doing this project this year this was something very new to me and i never heard of it. It was also very simple. All you need to do it is rope, needle, and yarn. All you basically do is keep rapping the yarn around the rope and then make a stitch every couple times around.
BagSpring 2011This was probably one of my favorite projects to do. We made this by simply taking a couple pieces of fabric and pinning them together and sewing them on the sewing machine. I liked this project because it was very time comsuming and I'm most definately going to use it over the summer and a beach bag.

Transfer Link Braclet2011I really enjoyed this project even though it took a lot of time. we had to trasfer the pictures you see here from paper to the metal. But before we could put the pictures on it we had to sand all the metal squares with three different levels of sand paper. Then to finsh we put two links inbetween each metal square to make the necklace a little more decorative.
Metal CuffSpring 2011I did not like this project at all actually it look way to long and I have to have everything perfect and i sanded on this for hours and it still wasnt good enough for me. I used a saw blade to cut out the triangles and square that I put on the metal braclet. Then i sanded it once again using three different kinds of sand paper.

Linked NecklaceSpring 2011I like this necklace a lot. I actually made it for the art sale that i attended and i sold a whole bunch of linked necklaces like this that i really enjoyed making. For this project all you need is thin wire beads that you can bend with a flat nose wire, beads and a slide if you want.